how to tell the difference between a real canada goose coat and a fake one

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and dont jump on a guy as he is down

Just recently, the media announced in the news about 17 more charges also it was 72 hours later before dad was notified and to begin with you didn’t have the charges listed correctly how to tell the difference between a real canada goose coat and a fake one .

This takes me back to when I first found out that dad was still alive how to tell the difference between a real canada goose coat and a fake one . I was in a store in Happy Valley . A friend of mine approached me, and (said she was) was happy he was alive . I was totally shocked . No one explained to me of the .

After i got home I made some phone calls, and, yes, this story was true . It hit me . I had been so happy that dad was alive and so pissed off since the media knew prior to the family .

I was shocked the police that arrested him didn’t have the decency to tell the family . No-one can believe what this man did or why he did it, and just what he put his family through . Well, I am his family and i’m just so happy that he’s alive .

I am more pissed using the way this story broke . I truly don’t believe it was that hard to inform the household concerning the news . When this first happened the RCMP told us when there is any news, we’d function as the first to know .

In regards to the Revenue Canada issue, the very fact of the matter is the fact that my dad was handed 5 years to pay for this off; it has only been two and a half years . He still has two and a half years left to settle, and, so far as I know, he was paying on it .

So now it’s impossible in hell he could continue to pay onto it . The longer he spends in prison, the less time he has to repay the money back, as well as in yesteryear little while, all I have been hearing is the government people’s fraud and their handling of the taxpayers money . These people who are in news reports, those are the ones hurting us people more because that’s our money they’re spending . But I’m sure using their highpriced lawyers and their money, they will leave without seeing the inside of a jail cell .

Right think with their type of money they would be a flight risk? They can afford to hop on an airplane and disappear .

My dad might have been gone for 2 years, but isn’t it funny he was arrested in St . John’s, the same province he was suppose to possess left .

I’m not saying he didn’t leave . My real question is: for a wanted man he wasn’t very difficult to find?

Don’t even get me going on the number of child molesters which are out on bail and walking our streets . Don’t people realize that these idiots can perform this again where they’re out walking our streets, within our malls, and walking by our schools .

They have easy access to the children, and no I haven’t got any children, but I do know how these sick people have effect on people .

Everyone thinks my father is a big criminal . I really have no idea exactly what the people of the province see as a bad crime . Could it be our politician’s spending cash that is not theirs or my father doing what he did? Or sex offenders on our streets? . how to tell the difference between a real canada goose coat and a fake one .

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