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an environmentally sensitive planting scheme

TRUMBULL Old Mine Park has become a study in contrasts

On the north side from the Pequonnock River is a scene of how parks were landscaped back in the 1950s, with closecropped grass extending to the water’s edge canada goose jacket in los angeles .

The southern bank is populated with native trees and shrubs, and soon tall grasses will fill in the voids, because of efforts by Save the Sound, the town’s and volunteers canada goose jacket in los angeles .

On the glorious Saturday morning, with dappled sunlight filtered by newly planted birches, the 35 volunteers as well as an range of VIPs pitched in to turn the riverbank by the parking lot into a “streamside buffer . ”

“The idea was to create a sustainable riparian buffer and rain garden,” said , the Greenwich landscape architect who designed the planting and runoff scheme together with her husband, Dale .

“This is really a model for which you should see across the entire riverbank,” said , from the Conservation Commission . “When you have an arrangement like this, the financial institution remains safe and secure against erosion and also the trees and shrubs are generally absorbing water and shading the stream to create an environment more conducive to fish . ”

This vegetation, combined with a rain garden, also collects and filters the parking lot runoff before it enters the forest . The parking area of Old Mine Park is only a few paces in the water’s edge .

This is the to begin what will be several socalled “model” projects that are area of the , an attempt by Bridgeport, Trumbull and Monroe to restore the forest enough where shad, trout and other indigenous fish can again understand upstream, according to , director of habitat restoration for Save the Sound . Improving the riverbank habitat, as was the case here, is also part of its focus, she said .

One benefit of this kind of landscaping, Watson said, is it creates an environment unwelcome to that scourge of waterways in the state, the Canada goose, regarded by many being an invasive species here .

“They love what you see on the other side from the river grass that’s mowed right to the water’s edge . ”

Affirmed, in regards to a dozen Canada geese were lolling about on the other side from the river, taking up residence on the soccer field which right now was basically unusable, because of goose excrement . Parsons and others there said that it’s hoped that the will similarly landscape the park’s north riverbank, which may, in effect, banish the Canada goose in the park .

“One trouble with that is that people think that they’re cute,” Parsons said . “This streamside buffer which is what naturally grows along a riverbank can control the Canada goose at really low cost . ”

The volunteers ranged in age from 7 to 70 . Also lending help was state Rep . , RFairfield, who represents a portion of Trumbull .

For the time being, the rain garden looks like a traprock pit . But soon, Parsons said, it will be filled with tall grass .

“The idea would be to restrain water from the parking lot during a major rain event to recharge the groundwater and to keep pollutants from entering the river,” she said . The grass, along with the indigenous plantings, will provide a habitat for insects, birds, amphibians as well as an assortment of invertebrates .

This gives bacteria an opportunity to break down motor oil contained in the parking area runoff, Parsons said .

Officials said that the plants along with other materials were taken care of by a grant from the , which provided $40,000 for that project . The Parks Department planted the larger trees and performed much of the rough landscaping .

“Before we even got the plants in the ground today, Baltimore orioles landed on pretty much every one,” she said . . . canada goose jacket in los angeles .

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canada goose jacket in los angeles

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Canada geese turn UMass pond area into avian toilet bowl

Photo by Stan FreemanCanada geese have taken up residence at the University of Massachusetts campus pond in Amherst and are fouling walkways along with other sites using their fecal matter canada goose jacket in los angeles .

A school of fish canada goose jacket in los angeles . A college of geese .

Countless Canada geese have turned the campus pond and the surrounding lawns and walkways at University of Massachusetts at Amherst into their unofficial dormitory .

Their droppings, up to and including poundandahalf a day, have fouled what was formerly probably the most scenic and visited spots on campus to the stage that it is earnestly avoided by students .

geese happen to be gathering for many years . You will find just much more of them lately, said Patrick S . Daly, director of the physical plant at UMass .

5 years ago, five fountains were set up in the campus pond to dissuade the birds from settling there, he explained . the months between March and November, as the fountains are operational, the geese and ducks don’t linger in the pond .

However, this winter, very little snow has fallen and with temperatures well above normal, the grass around the pond, which geese feast upon, has been available to them much of the time and the population has ballooned .

Within the fall, the honking of Canada geese because they migrate overhead in their familiar Vformation is evocative of year . But other times of the year, their presence on the ground as they graze in flocks isn’t welcome .

Among American waterfowl, Canada geese, that are typically 10-14 pounds, are second in size simply to swans . As well as their creation of fecal matter is troublesome to people who want to make use of the same lawns .

View full sizePhoto by Stan FreemanCanada geese have taken up residence in the UMass campus pond and are fouling walkways and other sites using their feces .

Canada geese have flourished in the state in recent decades, according to H . Heusmann, a waterfowl biologist for the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife . They been attracted through the rise of expansive lawns that border water around houses, in parks, on golf courses and at schools and colleges . And since you will find usually few predators and no hunting in these locations, they have proliferated .

I started in 1970, there were probably 7,000 to 9,000 geese in the state, mostly within the eastern part . It had been unusual to possess them in central and Western Massachusetts, he said

estimate there are about 40,000 geese in the state now, but only about 8,000 from Worcester County west, Heusmann said .

Efforts to chase the geese from lawns and ponds may have merely a temporary impact, wildlife officials say . Individuals have released flags, tied aluminum pie plates along strings and used scarecrows in addition to fullbodied swan and coyote decoys to scare them . But once the geese learn the objects are no threat, they have a tendency to ignore them .

Golf courses sometimes use trained dogs to chase them from the fairways .

At UMass, the decission was taken to reside with the birds, and not take drastic measures to reduce their presence, Daly said .

The fountains have reduced the problem a lot of the year without harm to the birds, he said . UMass landscape crews have discovered how you can effectively power wash areas, for example walkways and benches, to get rid of the droppings .

are members of the campus community who avidly look out for the wildlife around the pond and call the physical plant if there is a sick duck or injured goose . We’ve taken the wildlife to a local vet if you find a personal injury, Daly said .

Also, schoolchildren, students yet others arrived at water-feature to give the wildlife, he explained, and campus community does like to see the chicks early in the year . . canada goose jacket in los angeles .

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