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Canada geese tour the Norton Simon Museum

They didn have memberships, but when a gaggle of Canada geese came knocking at the front door from the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena a few days ago, staff let them in canada goose coats china .

It was pretty clear that the two migrating families using their young goslings in tow were trying to get towards the pond in the museum lovely garden, just across the lobby, and didn have designs around the Raphael Madonna, the Indian bronze Shivas or the numerous Van Gogh paintings within the galleries canada goose coats china . And since the museum wasn yet open, rapid journey might be accomplished with considerable ease .

According to a museum spokesman, the geese were first spotted crossing Colorado Boulevard throughout a harrowing rushhour escapade Thursday morning . The way they knew a pond was on the other hand from the street behind the Simon south wing is really a question I leave others to reply to . But when safely across the busy boulevard, attempts to gently herd them round the building to the pond didn work . So a mad dash across the lobby, past the Ellsworth Kelly painting and the Henry Moore bronze, was the only real solution .

Several personnel recorded the unusual little journey with cameras, and the outcome was posted the next day around the museum page . Since then, museum visitors have begun to appear looking for the fine feathered guests .

That causing reasonable concern in the museum . Migrating geese are determined birds, especially when protecting their offspring . (Goslings often stick with their mothers for any twelve month . ) So for the safety of, the museum is cautioning that the geese ought to be left undisturbed . And because a skill museum isn really set up to care for wildlife, steps are now being come to relocate them to a more suitable way station on their voyage north for that summer or, given the goslings youth, until they grown up . The museum wishes to obtain that accomplished soon .

Somewhere in here there a place for Barnett Newman famous quip: “Aesthetics is for the artist like ornithology is for the birds . ” Whatever the case, good for the Norton Simon Museum for taking such care . . . canada goose coats china .

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